The Bauzentrum Poing is a homes exhibition featuring over 55 houses, all fully fitted and furnished. It is the largest exhibition of its kind in Bavaria. Visitors come here to find out about the latest technology and trends in construction and modern living, and to consult experts for one-to-one advice. This unique display attracts around 80,000 visitors each year, and is as such Germany’s most popular show homes exhibition.

The Bauzentrum Poing has a strong focus on energy-efficiency and energy-saving. In many of the houses on site visitors can find out about the latest generation of heating and installations technology. A wide range of options can be inspected—for example, solar and photovoltaic systems, wind energy providing electricity for an entire house, heat-recovery systems and gas condensing boilers. It’s the place to see and experience solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Visitors enter the site through the ‘Technology Pavilion’, a building that in itself is a demonstration of the future—for man, nature and technology. In constructing this innovative pavilion, new building techniques were employed and many ways of saving resources and energy were implemented, information on which is presented to visitors. Free Sunday lectures for home owners, people wanting to build their own homes and property agents are held in the Technology Pavilion at regular intervals. These interesting lectures cover a wide range of themes related to plots and building, to new-build and R&M, houses for the future and interior design.

The Bauzentrum Poing’s reputation has spread beyond the borders of Bavaria as a centre for events on designing, building and modernising homes. Here experts give end consumers the benefit of their experience and knowledge on how to design, plan, build and renovate property.

Pictures of each house are available for view on the interactive site plan. There’s also a link to the developers, so interested parties can get in touch with them and ask for information material in English, if required.

Trail of innovative ideas

Ticket prices



4 € per person

(Children under 16 years of age, school children, students, disabled)

2 € per person

Children under 10 years of age

Free admission

Opening times

Daily except Mondays, from 10:00 to 17:00. Also open on Sundays and public holidays.

On Mondays the Technology Pavilion is open and visitors can enter the site and look around the houses. But no representatives are available on that day to give advice and information.

The opening times on public holidays are announced in each case on the German-language version of the website.